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Old habits can be hard to break. Talking of old habits, the new edition of the APA Publication Manual has reintroduced the use of two spaces after a period. I don't have a copy of the manual yet , so I don't know their rationale or the specifics of how it is presented.

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I do know that many people myself included see it as a retrograde step. I'm hoping that, in the full text, they will explain that it is optional or for monospaced typefaces. Jim Dickson: it doesn't matter whether a monospace space is wider or narrower than a proportional one, it is the relationship of that space to the surrounding text that matters. Hence Garr was correct in his summary of appropriate use of spaces 2 for monospace typefaces, 1 for proportional ones. Posted by: Tim August 21, at AM. There are some style guides that endorse the use of "80's". It's one of my pet peeves.

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Posted by: Barbara August 21, at AM. I never learned it anyway and have better things to do with my valuable time than make sure my " " 's are in the right place with much respect to those who care as much as I don't. Posted by: Barry August 21, at PM. I actually find two spaces more distracting in a monospace typeface than in a proportional. When my eyes are tired, they focus on white space, and the "rivers" of white space left by period-space-space start forming pictures.

I find I notice it more in monospace because the space is just so darn big. Seriously, isn't the space for the period plus a single space enough? Tim: I'm disappointed by the APA's decision as well.

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The web site says the change was " Posted by: Lynne August 22, at PM. Maybe a little more history on the double-space-after-periods issue would be helpful. I, too, learned to double-space after periods, as I just did at the end of that sentence. I think there should be more space between sentences than between words, and I find it frustrating when I'm editing a document drafted by someone else who only single-spaced. Copying text from a Web page is equally frustrating for me.

I have to go in an add an extra space after each sentence. What's the rationale for only single-spacing? And when did that become the "norm"? And maybe someone can let me know if I should have put that last double-quote on the outside of my question mark Posted by: Derek August 22, at PM. Somebody recently told me that plurals without the apostrophe is "European style. Drives me crazy.

I've had big arguments with a co-worker my same age about the issue. She takes them out, I put them in. Feels illogical, but looks best. At the risk of stepping in it, as a longtime designer and typographer I encourage people to leave only one space after a period this has long been the case in western typography, versus typing. But consistency is even more important, especially when combining material from different sources at the very last minute as often happens in the consulting organizations I work with , so practicality sometimes trumps typographic rules.

Robert Bringhurst described this beautifully in his classic The Elements of Typographic Style a must have for the typographically-obsessed :. Generations of twentieth-century typists were then taught to do the same, by hitting the spacebar twice after every period. Your typing as well as your typesetting will benefit from unlearning this quaint Victorian habit. Posted by: Jeff August 23, at AM.

Jeff-- you beat me to it. I have The Elements of Typographic Style 3. I was going to type the same passage! Funny, that.

Silly question about apostrophe in Macbook Pro

It's dogs and cats not dog's and cat's the latter is possessive. And it is not CD's and certainly not '70's. Remember the TV show called "That '70s Show"? Note both the apostrophe in the title and the question mark outside the quotation mark. Usually punctuation is inside, but in the case of question marks, it whatever makes sense. In this case I am asking the question -- it is not in the title of the TV show. Always has been that way. If you prefer big gaps between sentences, that's fine for your own work.

But if that work ever has to go out to the public to see, someone will have to do a "find and replace" to remove the extra space after periods. I know we have been told differently, but it's true: One space. Frankly, two spaces even in monospaced type seems unnecessary to me. You have a period, a bit of space, and a capital letter, all these things indicate a new sentence. I have had people yell at me as if they were at a healthcare rally in the USA -- how dare I try to take away their rights to use an extra space!

I mean, it's really weird. I learned this "rule" in college 20 years ago. Once I learned why, it was pretty easy to change my old habit, especially when I went from the typewriter to the Mac. Then you notice old books and new books and mags, etc. Posted by: Garr August 23, at PM. But if how many years ago has any bearing, I track down a bit of trivia over the weekend.

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  • It all predates even the typewriter, clear back to the s note no apostrophe for plural. Although dear old Mr. Gutenberg didn't invent the printing press, he did invent movable type for it. All of his type was the same width monospaced. His period type did not position the dot in the lateral center of the type, but over to the left where it would be closer to the last word of the sentence just ending.

    And he actually only put one blank space type between the period and the first letter of the next sentence. The resulting space between Gutenberg's sentences actually appeared to be a little less than two spaces - the space itself, and most of the width of the period type preceding it - but certainly closer to two spaces than one space. As the printing press further evolved with proportionate width type, the lowly period became very narrow, and things didn't look like they used to, leaving everyone wondering, "What would Gutenberg do?

    So to make it look more like it used to, typesetters just started inserting the second space. Now when typewriters were invented, we found ourselves back in a monospaced world for a while, but somehow the two-space habit lived on. Rather, different groups of people, with differing ideas in their heads, wrote their own rules to support their beliefs sort of like religion, but that's an explosive topic for another blog. So, while MY beliefs tell me to use two spaces, I would have to agree with Jeff, that consistency and practicality trump all.

    Posted by: Wondering August 25, at AM. The one space vs. On a manual typewriter the double-space was required to create white space between sentences as spacing was either created through the use of tabs or the space bar. With digital typefaces each character has its own unique width bearing. This width includes the leading or trailing white space required to create an even grey tone across the text.

    Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Malcolm Rayfield Malcolm Rayfield. You can then click the flag in the menu bar to show the Character Palette.

    Single Quotation Marks - Rules and Examples

    Find the special characters you want and use the tool at the lower-left to "Add to Favorites". Click the "Favorites" tab, and leave the window open. Move it to a corner of the screen so you can still see it when other windows are open. When you want to use one of the favorites, just double-click it in the "Characters" window. It will insert it into the application you are using.

    User profile for user: CPfreak CPfreak. You might consider switching to the German keyboard layout. I'm not familiar with the German localisation of the interface, so I don't know what exactly the International pane looks like. You should turn on the Keyboard Viewer anyway, as it is a valuable tool to have for all layouts. Instructions, relying on pictures more than text, to make up for my lack of German knowledge: 1.

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    Open System Preferences. It has the icon of three realistic gears in a box. You can also pick the fourth item down from the top of the Apple menu.

    how to type single quotation marks on mac How to type single quotation marks on mac
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