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It is easier to see where it goes if you have the document set up with 2 columns. You will now have 4 linked text boxes. For this one you will use the body text area. Just type or paste your text in as normal, starting in the upper left. It will create a new PDF in booklet form. CocoaBooklet no longer works in Snow Leopard so you'll need to use Create Booklet Service to create a booklet with any number of pages best in a multiple of 4.

I actually do all of this from my iMac. View answer in context. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Sep 18, PM in response to calocasia In response to calocasia The easy way to create a booklet is to use page size in Pages as the booklet will have.

7-Page Blank Booklet Template

That is if you want the pages to be A5 use A5 and not A4 with 2 "pages". Create the booklet and give it page numbers. Make the inner margin a little wider.

Set page orientation

When ready first save a Pages document so you'll have a version that can be made changes to. You will get a special PDF file which you open and go print to print in the normal way. Create booklet will have placed the pages in the right order for a booklet. It is really easy when you have tried it. Loading page content. But it sounds complicated. It was an easy process using publisher on my old PC and old printer. Now I have a new iMac and new HP printer and it seems really difficult!

I produce this booklet every 6 months so I'll have to work out how to do it. Thanks for the advice. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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User profile for user: PeterBreis PeterBreis Sep 18, PM in response to Peggy In response to Peggy I have had a go at creating the booklet as you suggested. I can see how it works by linking text boxes but I haven't tried printing yet. Do the pages in the booklet come out in the correct order? As I have already created the entire booklet in Pages then realised I could not print it as I had thought, can I copy whole sections chapters across to a new document that has been set up as you suggest. However I had no problem linking text boxes.

I appreciate your advice. Sep 18, PM in response to PeterBreis In response to PeterBreis I downloaded Swift and had a go but the document does not look right - there does not seem to be allowance for inside page margins - I am not sure it would work. I have created a lovely booklet in Pages and now i wonder if the only solution is to cut and paste the pages into the order they will come out on the printer printing all pages on one side then manually turning the pages over and printing the other side and forgo the page numbering on the bottom.

I thought it would all be easy on my new computer! Sep 18, PM in response to fruhulda In response to fruhulda Hi fruhulda I think this will work but how do I 'create booklet' that you refer to in the pdf button. How do I install it? Where do I look for it? User profile for user: fruhulda fruhulda. Click on it and you will be ported to that page. You'll get installation instruction with it.

I will have another try shortly. Many thanks. User profile for user: Peggy Peggy. Sep 19, AM in response to calocasia In response to calocasia Solution 1 a or b is not easy. I had several templates in AppleWorks for various numbers of pages. It made me install Leopard on a Mac before next week's bulletin was due.

Freeware, donations accepted. The program documentation explains it better. In CocoaBooklet and Cheap Impostor, you have the option of either automatically appending a suffix, or saving all booklets to a default location you set. You need to be a bit careful about duplex printing. If your printer flips paper along the short edge, then in the PDF booklet, all pages should be rightside up. If your printer flips pages along the long edge, then in the PDF booklet every other sheet of paper showing two pages should be upside-down.

You may need to experiment to sort this out. Some duplex printers will let you choose short-edge or long-edge—either will be fine, just make sure that the setting matches the setting in the booklet program. Short-edge will be less counter-intuitive for you, as there will be no upside-down text. This is called manual duplex. All three programs have preferences to split the created booklet into odd and even pages, so that you can simply print two files instead of entering 1,3,5,7 into the page range, and then printing 2,4,6,8.

Just create your file in Word as you normally would, with a regular paper size, and follow the instructions in your preferred booklet program. Set your booklet up in MS Word, using a paper size that is half the size of a sheet of regular letter paper. By regular paper, I mean the US 8. In the US, you want 5. To create a custom paper size in OS X, you need to open up TextEdit or Pages , and create the custom paper size there. Interestingly, certain printers grayed out the custom paper size and would not let me choose it. In Word, you can format the document for Any Printer, if you want.

Format the booklet as you like. I used margins of. This is where formatting for a different printer may give different results. Also experiment with different settings for the header and footer margins.

Use an appropriate text size for the final product—the pages will not change size when you convert them to a booklet. Once set up, you might want to save the booklet as a template in MS Word. Word will automatically change the location to your My Templates folder. It basically worked the same way.

Word will turn your booklet into a PDF file. It will automatically put the 5. See the notes above about printing duplex. You are strongly advised to just print just one sheet of the booklet first two sides of paper, four pages of the finished booklet , to test that you have got the duplex settings right and that you are happy with the margins and text size that came out.

To change the text size, you will need to go back to Word. You may need to experiment. Read the program documentation on this. Word: mac. Booklets: Print and Fold How to print a bunch of pages that you can fold in half and staple to create a booklet. Problem There are several issues involved in making booklets that are created by folding standard letter paper in half. Return to Top The Booklet Programs You will need to download and install at least one of these three programs.

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All testing done in Panther Duplex Printing You need to be a bit careful about duplex printing. CocoaBooklet flips pages automatically, but has a preference to turn this off for short-edge flipping. Cheap Impostor has a preference where you tell it whether your printer flips short-edge or long-edge.

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Mac pages a5 booklet template

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