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Many years ago, Altura was very important for migrating 4D and 3rd party plug-in code from Mac to Windows. While 4D itself does not need Altura anymore, it still supports it for legacy plug-ins and, as a result, uses it in many places to keep old plug-ins working. We have now removed it completely which is allowing us to use some modern technologies that were not possible before, such as SDI windows. Camera Restricta from Philipp Schmitt on Vimeo. Algorithms are already looking through the viewfinder alongside with you: they adjust settings, scan faces and take a photo when you smile.

What if your grin wasn't the only thing they cared about? This modification has strictly no impact for you and your developments; all commands and events for embedded Web Areas work the same as before, except few preferences which are not supported and are ignored. You can just enjoy your brand new Web rendering engine serenely.

I love this app and the ability to pull GPS data from imported photos and map and categorize them. Love the multiple photos per location option and also the extensive ability to organize and tag your locations. This is great if you are back in a frequented city and want to see all your closest favorite places near your current location. Instead he gravely warns you that, "in ten years, iPhone will account for about 60 percent of Apple's revenues!

Apple will be incredibly reliant upon iPhone profits! But that's the problem: most of that growth will come from expanding iPhone sales. Conventional Mac computer sales will only grow from today's 5. It will be so terrible. Warn your friends! Escape the day-to-day routine and follow traveling photographers Elia and Naomi Locardi as they travel from country to country, continuously circling the globe.

Their breathtaking photos from their journeys convey their own personal discoveries and awaken fascination and wanderlust in us all. Then, a few weeks ago, it needed to be serviced and the dealer lent me a brand new top-of-the-line version of the same model. This one was like using a Nokia from - they've added all the smart stuff, badly.

There are so many buttons that even the buttons have buttons, and though each particular feature makes sense on its own, and might even be implemented quite well, when they're all added together the effect is absurd. Everything that moves, says a16z partner Frank Chen, will go autonomous. But what does that really mean?

In this presentation from our a16z Summit, Chen goes over the 16 most commonly asked questions about autonomous cars, and what their answers might be: …. Was sich findet und aufzuheben lohnt. Defending your app from copies and clones — Marco. A timeline map of the , year history of human civilization.

This animation shows how humans have spread and organized themselves across the Earth over the past , years. Top 10 tips for introducing Jobs-to-be-Done theory to your company. Introducing Jobs-to-be-Done or any new idea or process to a business can be tricky. Even more so if you are not in an executive or high ranking position. Here are 10 tips to help introduce Jobs-to-be-Done to your organisation. Have you ever wanted to setup an auto-responder eMail message in the Mac Mail app?

Whatever the reason, all inbound emails will get an automated response with the message of your choice. Icon modernization continues — 4D Blog.

While icons may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of design, they actually play a crucial role in improving human-software interactions by offering a method of communication beyond just text. I'm wondering why they are still pixels, not SVGs? Calculations in collections — 4D Blog. Calculate average, total or price including tax are common tasks in any business application. Collections are an easy way to aggregate your data in a consistent way.

With it, this type of calculation becomes very simple, because there are collection methods that do everything for you! That's a mess as is. How does SpaceX get these amazing camera shots? Ever wondered how we get such smooth tracking shots of rockets moving at incredibly fast speeds? In this video, I talk about the camera equipment that's used and how it was used in the past. Skydio — The self-flying camera has arrived. Skydio R1 knows what to film and moves itself with the freedom of flight to get the best shot, letting you capture otherwise impossible videos of your adventures.

Karl Traunmueller has released Compositor 1. Autocomplete function expanded to object attributes — 4D Blog. But, this means no tokenization of attributes and the feature is this method-only. How I design with CSS grid. The actual planning of how a layout would be set up. We set a counter to count a set of elements at the same DOM level. That counter is incremented in the CSS rules of those individual elements, essentially counting them.

Convert collections — 4D Blog. I color coded my interpretation of the comments into four categories: Grey: Background and promotional commentary Red: Strategy and signals of what management considers important and may include data beyond the regularly reported numbers. Green: Financial data Black: Commentary. Blue: My commentary, in brackets. Go find some Picassos and note how old he was when he made them. Cool custom Lego sets.

Using path elements in objects — 4D Blog. Dual lenses give users zoom flexibility, the lighting effects present in Portrait mode are impressive, detail in video capture is excellent, and the beautiful display really makes photos and videos come to life on the device. Low light performance can be disappointing, though, and the new file formats aren't the friendliest for Windows users.

Overall, the iPhone X is one of the most capable smartphone cameras on the market today. Discover the power of dynamic forms — 4D Blog. Well, we heard you, and 4D v16 R6 now opens new opportunities with dynamic forms! A wide range of possibilities to manage your collections — 4D Blog. The next blog post will go into more detail and demonstrate multiple ways to insert or remove elements from a collection. This is now possible with 4D v16 R6 as a preview. Web apps saved to the home screen and web pages in SFSafariViewController can now use the camera to capture images!

Want to see all data Windows 10 sends Microsoft? Following the publication last year of the data collected by Windows 10's built-in telemetry and diagnostic tracking, Microsoft today announced that the next major Windows 10 update, due around March or April, will support a new app, the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, that will allow Windows users to browse and inspect the data that the system has collected.

In , a company called Forethought, founded by two ex-Apple marketing managers, rolled out PowerPoint and business meetings have never been the same since. Brock tells the story: ….

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Understanding Apple and its huge pile of cash iMore. Did you know using dark menu bar on macOS gives you an extra vertical pixel? The end of the conference era — Marco. You can watch, read, bookmark and check your progress all in one app. On top of that, you'll learn how to design and build this app! Why not buy other companies? Sharing information in multi-threading environment — 4D Blog. Gorgeous megapixel panoramas shot on an iPhone at 20, feet. Over on his Instagram account, photographer Vincent Laforet is sharing some megapixel panoramic photos he shot for Apple. He strapped an iPhone 7 to the bottom of a Learjet, set it on Pano mode, and flew it over various landscapes at a height of 20, feet.

OmniGraffle 7. Today we released OmniGraffle 7. We are pleased to announce the launch of beta testing for 4D v16 R6! Scientists put a worm brain in a Lego robot body - and it worked. I have attended several Tech events where they invite so-called gurus and experts to explain the digital landscape in Africa, but I have never been satisfied with any their answers as to why e-commerce has not caught on.

Time lapse of an English five pound note reconstructed from shredded production waste. When the Bank of England misprints banknotes, they shred them into tiny little pieces. In this time lapse video, compressed from an entire work day into 11 minutes, a person with a tweezers attempts to reconstruct a five pound note from those tiny shredded pieces.

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Personally, while Twitter may be taking advantage of a publicly available API, I still think the implementation is, at the very least, in poor taste — especially because it's coming from the same company that used to scan users' devices to list installed apps and deliver "tailored content" based on them. Even though I won't stop using the Twitter app because of this, I wish Twitter would revert to standard, clean URLs when sharing tweets from the app.

I also hope Apple is taking a closer look at this. Alex Hern, in a decidedly-pro-ad-industry report for The Guardian: Internet advertising firms are losing hundreds of millions of dollars following the introduction of a new privacy feature from Apple that prevents users from being tracked around the web.

If this is accurate, it goes to show the outsize influence Safari has. Criteo is claiming that a new feature in Safari, a browser with only 15 percent of global share, resulted in more than a 20 percent drop in their revenue. It only prevents certain methods of privacy-invasive tracking. I fail to see how this is a bad thing.

With a very basic interpretation, you might end up with something that looks like this: …. Am I missing something? One of the most powerful and convenient CSS Grid features is that, in addition to explicit column sizing, we have the option to repeat-to-fill columns in a Grid, and then auto-place items in them. More specifically, our ability to specify how many columns we want in the grid and then letting the browser handle the responsiveness of those columns for us, showing fewer columns on smaller viewport sizes, and more columns as the screen estate allows for more, without needing to write a single media query to dictate this responsive behavior.

Along with expected bug fixes, the browser release is the first from Apple to enable Service Workers by default. The specifications are not yet finished and may take another year to get done. Introduction is planned for , so you should make sure your software is ready. How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps? We just added them for our plugins to call back from JavaScript to Xojo code.

First you call in your bit Mac app the addScriptMessageHandler method on the control to register a name: …. WordPress is Changing. Everything you know about WordPress is about to change. Some time in the way WordPress works and the way you work with WordPress will change in a fundamental way, whether you are a visitor, a content creator, an administrator, a designer, or a developer. Laptop touchpad driver included extra feature: a keylogger Ars Technica. Flaws in software often offer a potential path for attackers to install malicious software, but you wouldn't necessarily expect a hardware vendor to include potentially malicious software built right into its device drivers.

But that's exactly what a security researcher found while poking around the internals of a driver for a touchpad commonly used on HP notebook computers—a keystroke logger that could be turned on with a simple change to its configuration in the Windows registry. Where did I see that? Die Meldung lag schon eine Woche auf Halde. Dann sind wohl auch last-minute Fehler behoben. New extreme sport: Thomas the Tank Engine stunts. This two-part series is a gentle introduction to offline web development.

Getting a web application to do something while offline is surprisingly tricky, requiring a lot of things to be in place and functioning correctly. We're going to cover all of these pieces from a high level, with working examples. This post is an overview, but there are plenty of more-detailed resources listed throughout. For over 15 years, Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi has rendered the subtle details of mountains, cherry blossoms, and dense forests with the most unlikely tool: Microsoft Excel.

Mind blown! Read more here: ….

The European Past: Social Evolution and Spatial Order">The European Past: Social Evolution and Spatial Order

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The telephoto lens on iPhone X gets a pretty impressive upgrade! Transient on Vimeo. Most of the lightning footage was captured in uncompressed raw at frames per second with our Phantom Flex4K. But the team at Mozilla had been discussing the development of a Grid Inspector tool since July It gave the team some working code build upon, as well as a means of gathering feedback from a larger base of developers. Apple will stop accepting bit Mac apps starting January 1, 9to5Mac.

Susan Kare Bitmap-Malen und Stricken — wer einmal dabei ist. Using feature queries for cascading web design. The only browsers that do not support feature queries are Internet Explorer and Blackberry Mobile, but that may be less of an issue than you might think. Wayne Zell on the families air seeder during the winter crop plant.


Ohne Drohne undenkbar. Plus, the object status and value will be automatically updated by 4D depending on the context and text selection. Sets in Windows 10 - YouTube. Grid by Example: minmax - YouTube. Part of my Grid by Example free video series, in this video we take a look at minmax. Google has announced that the web version of Google Finance is getting a redesign.

The new stock tracking interface will primarily live in Google Search, where a new "Finance" tab should be popping up soon as a search type.

The existing google. This can significantly impact how quickly a user can fully interact with this site.

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Four different ways to use objects with 4D Write Pro! I like where 4D is going with its language, all-in-all. Those varieties favour longer debugging-sessions, I suppose. The best Apple power adapter for the iPhone. With this little light, using a cameraphone, we should be seeing grain the size of a mid-sized state. Security encompasses more than risk elimination and blocking unauthorized access or unlawful disclosure of information, it covers data loss prevention and protection against destruction.

A mesmerizing animation of the repeating elements of a medieval cathedral. I barely know how to describe this so maybe you should just watch it. I still think you should just watch it though. YouTube competitor Vimeo today announced that it is rolling out support for High Dynamic Range video uploads on its video hosting platform.

Monster thunderstorm supercell in Montana. This photo of a storm supercell in Montana taken by Ryan Wunsch? There are a couple of ways to approach that, but I'd argue the easiest way is nested grids. Make the grid element dispaly: grid; and use the alignment capabilities of that new internal grid. Watch these BMW gestures and think about bringing them to the Mac. The idea of tech on your phone or Mac sensing your presence, attention, or movements, clearly add value to the user experience. Our day started off with a morning stroll through Wetzlar.

It was a fine time to see the town before it came to life. We shot sunrise from the bridge, followed by a coffee and pastry at a corner cafe. So I use my own picture … and link to a hr-film. I can grab your Listbox 4DTidbits. Create a 4D Write Pro brochure in 5 minutes! David Sparks makes a good point about the strengths of RSS compared to, say, getting your news from Twitter or Facebook: RSS is so easy to implement that it's a slippery slope between having RSS feeds for just a few websites and instead of having RSS feeds for hundreds of websites. The trick to using RSS is to be brutal with your subscriptions.

I think the key is looking for websites with high signal and low noise. Sites that publish one or two articles a day or even one to two articles a week but make them good articles are much more valuable and RSS feed than sites that published 30 articles a day. Lok vlogs behind the Scenes - YouTube.

Discover The Fatwigoo - otsukare. I prefer the latter. Fresh icons for Form Wizard — 4D Blog. And thanks to the Apple person who added this "floor crosshair" feature to iOS 11 for perfect face-down junk food shots!! That was the goal Super! Endlich senkrechte Bilder parallel zum Untergrund. The iPhone X face mapping: Privacy risks none and how it works very cool.

The megapixel Moon. Phil Plait explains how Doran made the image: …. It took more than six years to have CSS Grids implemented across all browsers. Throughout its history, the spec has always been surrounded by controversy. In , it was met with skepticism as the Microsoft Developer Team announced prefixed support for IE The lack of information about the W3C proposal made some developers wonder whether there was an actual need for another layout system, since we already had floats, tables, and some Flexbox working in browsers back then.

In the beginning, there was light and darkness and stack overflow, which is really just a combination of the two. Apple Support auf Twitter: "Seamlessly set up your new iPhoneX, just by holding it near a device you already own. Here's how, with Automatic Setup in iOS Seamlessly set up your new iPhoneX, just by holding it near a device you already own. For over a decade, iPhone has embodied modern mobile computing. Keisuke Miyako auf Twitter: "posted 4D plugin to get the size of a folder". Get total size of files inside folder. Fake Apple Store — Improv Everywhere. We placed giant Apple logos on the sides of the glass cube structure, added fake Apple Store employees plus a line of 50 people waiting for the new iPhone X.

Apple has added QR support to iOS You can scan QR codes without the need for a third-party app. Suppose it is. If true, this is the entry to the end of the powerful 4D-concept of tokenized method-text. One less reason to stay with 4D. Who is responsible for that deterioration? David Pogue iPhone X Review. Or they talk about its face-recognition feature. But the best thing about the iPhone X is its size. Keisuke Miyako auf Twitter: "updated 4D document converter for mac".

Simplified version of textutil. Thomas Fuchs thomasfuchs Twitter. Of course Google leaves the seat open Hmmmm, Google, this is not how beer works …. Recommended Minimum Below are the essential tags for basic, minimalist websites: …. Card catalogs and the secret history of modernity. Card catalogs feel very old but are shockingly new.

Merchants stored letters and slips of paper on wire or thread in the Renaissance. But a whole technology, based on scientific principles, for storing, retrieving, and circulating an infinitely extensible batch of documents? That is some modern-ass shit. And it helped create the world we all live in. Help tips on list boxes! With a just few lines of code, you can set help tips based on the hovered column and even according to each row!

Why not add a helptip-object to the listbox? Key is objectname of columns and value is textarray, which both supports Xliff and styled text. Paper is not dead. It sports a bit RAM based database engine and universal multi-level Undo. Layouts can be fixed or responsive to window size. Programming code can be embedded into any element, much like HyperCard TM. Arbeitskleidung Graphitti-Blog. Zeit verketten. Otherwise, uses the temporary folder allocated to 4D.

Was mich nervt, wenn jemand hochkant filmt Graphitti-Blog. BBEdit 12 is a major release. A BBEdit 12 serial number is required to use licensed features in this version. Customers with any version of BBEdit prior to Download it first and give it a try! The Mediterranean Sea of America. If you superimpose the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea over a map of the United States — creating geographic landmarks like the Confederate Sea, the Great Salt Islands, the Straits of Pismo, and a coastal Las Vegas — you get a real sense of how big each of them is.

The other surprising thing is that the latitudes of the superposition are pretty accurate…only a degree or two off, if that. In OmniGraffle 7. But a security researcher's discovery that his OnePlus 2 was sending highly detailed information back to OnePlus without consent has set privacy alarm bells ringing the issue also affects more recent OnePlus handsets. OnePlus might prefer that you spend your time thinking about the upcoming OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6, but this tale of telemetry is going to dominate for a little while.

You need a lot of cardboard and glue sticks! This costume can be used for halloween! Or you can watch and enjoy this video! Nicht den Kindern zeigen, nicht den Kurzen und nicht den Alten. The reason for that is that the system dialogs run on a different process, and not as part of any iOS app. Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition. Readings in Database Systems commonly known as the "Red Book" has offered readers an opinionated take on both classic and cutting-edge research in the field of data management since Here, we present the Fifth Edition of the Red Book — the first in over ten years.

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The company's Windows 10 chief has tweeted that developing new features and hardware for the Mobile version of the OS was no longer a "focus". Joe Belfiore added that he had also switched to Android himself. Read on to learn how to set it up. Historical Badass Archives - adventure journal. Everest by an American team. He passed away last week in Salzburg, Austria, at the age of Sony A7 — zeiPAD. A few years ago this would have been totally unfair. Can you spot the iPhone photos?

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ShotBox by Josh Parnham. WebAIM: History of the browser user-agent string. WebUSB - How a website could steal data off your phone. It is aimed at scientific and industrial USB devices and does not support common devices like webcams, HIDs or mass storage devices. Notable apps and app updates for Oct. The app automates printing and exporting of multiple spreadsheets to PDF and allows to carry out professional PDF production directly from Excel.

The iMac Pro and the future-but-not-here-quite-yet-and-oh-God-please-have-card-slots Mac Pro that Casey Liss is super excited about are both part of that message. I was rooting around in the settings for iOS Safari the other day and stumbled upon its "Experimental Features" which act just like feature flags in any other desktop browser.

Out of the box, Safari displays your existing websites beautifully on the edge-to-edge display of the new iPhone X. Metal 2 powers virtual reality content creation, faster performance and more. The Core ML developer framework makes it easy to create apps with powerful machine learning that predict, learn and become more intelligent. A focus on foundation makes for an important but nigh-invisible update. Interaktive Karte zur Bundestagswahl Ergebnisse der Wahlkreise. Tap Forms 5. Today Tap Forms 5. From here on forward in this post I'll just call it Tap Forms 5.

Clever app that generates QR codes, makes it easy to store and retrieve them. You could print that QR code Visual Codes knows how to print, too and put it on the wall in your house. When someone comes to visit, they point their camera to the QR code poster iOS knows how to interpret QR codes, knows this particular one is to connect to WiFi and they are connected. Basic grid layout with fallbacks using feature queries. Only a Megapixel would sort of match the human eye resolution - sonyalpharumors sonyalpharumors. Every time we see the same question on forums and blogs: When will the Megapixel war end?

Well the easy answer is of course…never! But if you are curious to know at what point a camera will have the same resolution as the Human Eye well watch the video below: The easy answer is Megapixel the real answer is that the human eye works really in a different way than a camera. Shirt Pocket Watch - News on the March! I Insist on Updating Immediately! But …. If you're the system administrator for your business or education institution, use these methods to upgrade macOS High Sierra. Tonight, I was able to contact Apple. Kompatibel ist der X-Rest 7.

Anschluss, inklusive Stromversorgung, findet der X-Rest 7. Bei Bedarf lassen sich die beiden 5,Zoll-Laufwerkshalterungen entfernen, um beispielsweise einen mm-Radiator in der Front zu verbauen. Zur Reinigung lassensich diese leicht aus- und wieder einbauen. Dank kabellosem Frontblenden-Design kann die Frontblende jederzeit problemlos abgenommen werden. Die Front bietet zwei USB 2. Zwei USB Zur Reinigung lassen sich selbige leicht aus- und wieder einbauen.

Dank internem Speicher gehen keine Einstellungen der umfangreichen Gaming-Software verloren. Bis zu 3. Infolge der USB Ebenso einfach gestaltet sich die Inbetriebnahme, der QuickPort wird ohne Treiberinstallation direkt vom Betriebssystem erkannt. Im Verpackungsinhalt ist neben einem USB Insgesamt acht vorprogrammierte Beleuchtungseffekte, mit bis zu 16,8 Millionen Farben, hinterlassen optisch einen farbenfrohen Eindruck.

Dank des Onboard-Speichers gehen keine Einstellungen verloren. Die Tastatur bietet zudem eine komfortable Bedienung sowie eine einfache Inbetriebnahme. Aufgrund des modularen Festplattenmanagements lassen sich Grafikkarten von bis zu maximal 43 cm verwenden. Ein pulsierender Effekt sowie ein automatischer Farbwechsel unterstreichen die Vielseitigkeit der Tastatur. So wird der Einbau eines 5,Zoll-Laufwerkes deutlich erleichtert. Ein USB Der integrierte Kartenleser verbindet per USB 2.

Individuelle Einstellungen, wie beispielsweise Tastenbelegung, Mausgeschwindigkeit, Farbeinstellung. So kann sich der Gamer bestens auf sein Spiel konzentrieren und wird nicht von einem wegrutschenden Kabel abgelenkt. Die internen. Der integrierte 4-Port USB Die Beleuchtung kann in mehreren Stufen direkt am Keyboard angepasst werden, auch ohne installierte Gaming-Software.

Die Programmierung der K30 erfolgt mittels der beiliegenden Gaming-Software. Dank des Onboard-Speichers werden die Anpassungen direkt in der Tastatur gespeichert. Das USB 3. Die Montage erfolgt komplett werkzeugfrei und ist mit wenigen Handgriffen erledigt. Passend hierzu stellt Sharkoon mit der USB 3. Die Sharkoon USB 3. Ist das Mikrofon aktiviert? Sobald selbiges eingeschaltet ist, wird es gelb illuminiert.

Die kompakten Abmessungen belaufen sich auf x x 63 mm L x B x H. Weitere Informationen unter. Das stylische Design des Headsets richtet sich gezielt an Gamer. Ebenfalls anpassbar ist die Hintergrundbeleuchtung: in Prozent-Schritten bis zur maximalen Leuchtkraft, pulsierend oder komplett deaktiviert. Die Abmessungen belaufen sich auf x x mm L x B x H. Insgesamt lassen sich bis zu sieben Erweiterungskarten verbauen. Weitere Produkte folgen.

Die linke sowie rechte Maustaste sind mit hochwertigen Omron Switches ausgestattet und garantieren eine lange Lebensdauer. Die Abmessungen betragen x x mm L x B x H. In der Front bieten zwei USB 2. Auf der Oberseite befinden sich zudem zwei USB 3. Weitere Informationen unter www. Zwei USB3. Weitere Informationen unter: www. Die Innenlackierung ist einheitlich schwarz. Mainboardstecker sowie zwei Audio-Schnittstellen in der Front, ein Acryl-Seitenteil und wird in den Farbvarianten schwarz und gunmetal zum empfohlenen Verkaufspreis von 34,99 Euro angeboten.

Zudem ist ein Netzteiladapter 3-poliger auf 4-poliger Netzteilanschluss sowie Schrauben enthalten. Die Front ist in Aluminium-Optik gehalten. Die Blenden lassen sich per Klicksystem komfortabel entfernen. Die Frontblende ist in Mesh gehalten. Der Spieler kann sich folglich auf sein Spiel oder die Kommunikation mit seinem Team konzentrieren.

Das flexible und robuste Mikrofon ist speziell auf Sprachanwendungen, wie beispielsweise TeamSpeak, optimiert. Vormontiert befindet sich dort zudem eine Sharkoon BayExtension. Die beiden USB3. Das Frontblenden-Design der Serie ist hierbei komplett kabellos. Dies vereinfacht den Einbau externer 5,25" oder 3,5" Laufwerke.

Im Lieferumfang sind das Headset sowie eine Transporttasche enthalten. So kann das Gewicht der Maus von Gramm bis zu maximal Gramm reguliert werden. Alle Kabel sind mit Gewebe ummantelt. Zudem wird ein alternativer USB 2. Das Textilpad kann aber auch zum Transport einfach eingerollt werden. Das Design gibt sich mit einem grauen Namensschriftzug sehr dezent.

Im Lieferumfang sind zudem zwei weitere AAA-Akkus enthalten, welche in der Basisstation aufgeladen werden und dort verbeiben. Das Headset informiert den Spieler akustisch, sobald die Akkus zur Neige gehen und gewechselt werden sollten. Insgesamt acht Lautsprecher liefern den nativen 5. Neben den Anschlusskabeln befinden sich ein Netzteil und eine Anleitung im Lieferumfang. Im Lieferumfang befindet sich ein Satz Austausch-Slides.

Der macht den Nager mit bis zu 6. Alle Tasten lassen sich mit der beigelegten Software frei programmieren. Wer ein dezenteres Erscheinungsbild bevorzugt, kann die Logo-Beleuchtung auch abschalten. Das Keyboard misst x x 25 mm, wiegt g und ist mit einem cm langen USB-Anschlusskabel ausgestattet. Power- und Reset-Button sind elegant verchromt. Alle besitzen einen 4-poligen Netzteil- und einen 3-poligen Mainboard-Anschluss. Hinzu kommen ein effizientes Airflowsystem und zwei USB3.

Das Laufwerk wird einfach horizontal in den vorne und oben offenen Kunststoffrahmen eingeschoben. Eine aufklappbare Schiene im Boden fixiert die kleineren 2,5-Zoll-Festplatten.

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Das Angebot an USB3. When it first happened I researched for about a whole day to get it to display on my primary, but to no avail, so I suffered with it as it was. I'm a retired programmer who's been building and programming PC's since The config seemed burned into the hardware. I'm glad to report that it's fixed now, but in the most unexpected way: I was doing a security check of my system and noticed "secure boot" in my UEFI was off, so I turned it on. You can also see this setting in "System Information" while in Windows Sorry, I haven't the slightest idea how or why this worked, I'm just reporting that it did.

Reactions: NotSoFunnyClown. No adapters used or needed. Oct 23, 5 0 0. Ask community, get help, forget to thanks or to say something useful to community. May 17, 2 0 10 0. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads Question Windows detects the wrong graphics card Question Windows showing wrong dedicated video memory Question Rx random desktop stutter or am i wrong? Question Help me i installed wrong bios on my gpu Question Help!!

Question My GPU doesn't work properly; what exactly is going wrong? Post thread. Graphics Cards. For my sapphire pulse. Latest posts. Latest: rgd 1 minute ago. PC Gaming. Latest: remixislandmusic 2 minutes ago. Computer Peripherals. Latest: rgd 3 minutes ago. Power Supplies. Youtube not affected. Latest: Towlss 5 minutes ago. Wireless Networking.

Moderators online. Top Bottom. Question Windows detects the wrong graphics card. Tuesday at PM. Question Windows showing wrong dedicated video memory. Jul 24,

mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
mac os x monitor hochkant Mac os x monitor hochkant
Mac os x monitor hochkant

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