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One button push to stat/stop capture

No brainer. Elsewhere, don't forget to beef up your on-stream setup with those flashy peripherals that can add some real pizzazz to your presentation such as the best gaming keyboards and one of the best gaming mouses. And also remember that, regardless of which card you choose, you'll absolutely want to aim for one of the best gaming PCs to run it if you aren't focusing purely on console capture.

If you are curious about the more technical aspects of this hobby, take a look at our hardware glossary to demystify some of the more complex jargon. Easy doesn't cover it as you flick between PC and micro SD settings and there's no missing the giant flashing lights to make sure that you're capturing or have left HDCP on again. The latter is essential instead of a USB stick for speedy transfer as this is the only no PC required capturing device on the list that has the capability to work with 60fps. It's definitely worth the extra investment if you don't always want your PC running when capturing and if you are streaming, the included RECentral is intuitive for overlaying text and tweaking your picture in picture set up.

An overall exceptional piece of kit with a small form factor but an impressive swathe of handy features. Rec Central, AVerMedia's proprietary player is intuitive and exceptionally easy to use and you can even record PS4 party chat without having to add an extra cable like the Elgato. Overall a brilliant offering for both streaming and capturing.

Best for Easy capture and streaming at p 60fps with no budget constraints. Plus you can keep playing in 4K while you stream. Elgato is one of the biggest, best-known names in capture, and for good reason: their devices are relatively cheap, easy to use, and function incredibly well.

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Here's our breakdown of all the Elgato game capture deals , covering all devices in the range. It also does all of the work for you, with the software cycling through resolution options until it finds a signal although you can also set it up and tweak options manually should you have any problems getting a signal on your TV. Another great bonus is that you don't need the software running to use it: as long as it can draw power it'll send a signal to your screen so theres no need to unplug it when you don't want to capture. The capture software that comes with it is clear and easy to use, with a few basic, useful options to fiddle with the audio and streaming set ups.

Theres an audio in on the unit itself if you want to add audio directly to your stream, and a range of streaming screen sets up for in-set cameras and so on. The only area in which it disappoints is its rudimentary editing package that's only really good for trimming. Of all the systems here this seems the most streaming-focused option - although it also does excellent quality capture. AVerMedia's solution has zero latency, so where other systems can lag on the capture screen this has basically no delay.

That means you can play just as well on the PC you're capturing with as you can on the TV screen. This is ideal if you have a setup with a camera, images and other screen furniture, and means you only need eyes on one screen instead of juggling two. It also has two audio inputs so you can add music and dialogue separately. The AVerMedia is simple to set up and captures crisp p 60fps with no problem. There's also no editing option bar a live editing system of cutting out bits of your capture, meaning that you'll need to source software for that separately but it's an excellent offering overall.

Records in MP4. Its ridiculously easy to set up and that giant red button buddies up with a clear LED light system that lets you know that everythings recording OK. Make Offer - USB 3. Make Offer - USB2. Make Offer - USB 2. Make Offer - USB3. Shop by Category. Brand see all. Video Capture see all. Analog only. Digital only. Card Functionality see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference. Condition see all. Open box. Please provide a valid price range.

Buying Format see all. All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Item Location see all. Delivery Options see all. Free Shipping. Free In-store Pickup. Show only see all. The option to use it with or without a PC is a very powerful one that allows you to be even more flexible with your stream. A common mistake that many would-be streaming masters have made much to their chagrin! Console chats are a great way to bring your gaming experience to the masses. If you want to show the world how you and your clan tackle a new landscape, then this is for you.

Video Capture Device Shopping Tips

This is a recording device that has been making a lot of noise in the market recently. The onboard hard drive makes things a lot easier and its size is indeed impressive. Yes, you could have a couple of terabytes if you wanted to pay for it, but this one is included as standard. Over time you may find that you upgrade and add an external device, but this will be more than enough to get things up and running. The portability is first class because of how compact and lightweight the design is. The power consumption is low, and the electronics are so efficient that it runs cool and makes virtually no noise.

I was certainly impressed by it, and I think you will be too. If you want to be able to capture great quality video that will still look good in 10 years time, then this is a worthy little piece of kit.


How to Record Video using a video grabber and QuickTime

Well done guys, I highly recommend this piece of kit! If you want to stream too then, another device will be the order of the day. This is one of the devices that I was most excited about when I started my search. The name totally sets out its stall. This thing is a real Ripsaw when it comes to low latency! Enough of my pitch, get reading guys!

The low latency and the seamless picture are high-quality which means you can stream uninterrupted. I completely loved the raw power that this thing brought to the party, and I think you will too.

Mac Video Capture Hardware

What the Ripsaw does is allow you to do it with the click of a button. That means that it perfectly preserves the definition and resolution of whatever you feed into it. You have a 4K console and TV that provides some quality content, and your viewers want to see it as you see it. The raw power of the Ripsaw will put these issues to bed, so I highly recommend it. If you love raw power and effortless computing proficiency, then this could be the card for you. It comes with a reputation amongst the hardcore gamers, but will it be too much for the casual enthusiast? Take a read and make your mind up folks!

The first thing to say is that it works seamlessly with all the major consoles, and I tried it with a lot of them! If you want to get rid of compatibility issues at the front door, then this is a great way of doing it. Highly recommended in this regard. You can use up to 4 cards from your PC at any one time which allows you to get creative with your content.

There is apparently a lot of computing power in reserve here which is also a good sign going forward. The live editing software is something that always impresses me. If you want to stream like a pro, then your content needs to look like a pro made it. Live editing also means that you can have your content go out as its created; rather than having to spend all evening fiddling with it and re-watching it before it goes up. This is ideal for saving yourself time and learning a new techie skill that will come in handy. The one drawback I would say is that using Windows 7, is, well…a little tricky.

Finally, we get to the last entry on my list guys! Just honest advice and informed opinion from yours truly!

The latency is as impressive as the picture quality. Often the two battle one another with latency increasing the higher you push your resolution. The StarTech was more than capable of supplying a steady p stream for several hours without any lag. That is an impressive feat that I think will make all the difference to you if you decide to take a closer look. Too many people try and be smart by reinventing the wheel rather than sticking with what works.

Exactly what a great tech company should do! If you only have access to a compressed video file, then all your efforts to stream in HD are relatively pointless.

iGrabber nano

The final thing to say is that this is a device that will work anywhere. It supports the two leading video standards which is nice to see, and it does it automatically. You can literally be there for hours. Well done guys! Table of Contents. Print page.

external video capture device mac External video capture device mac
external video capture device mac External video capture device mac
external video capture device mac External video capture device mac
external video capture device mac External video capture device mac
external video capture device mac External video capture device mac
external video capture device mac External video capture device mac

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