Lync for mac keeps disconnecting

Blocked by Firewall

Various Exchange connectivity issues have been found and addressed in different firmware releases, but sometimes new problems are introduced as a result of those earlier fixes. It's best to isolate which version s are causing problems and then contact support with this information. Within our internal network, the sign in error occurs. In light of your comments above, please explain in detail what we need to do to make this work properly. Public DNS records appear to be working since the phones work externally.

The phones must be able to successfully perform either an SRV or Host A record lookup in order to sign-in. I really need your advise. What is the problem Thanks Jeff. Hi Jeff, Great article. I have one question regarding the phone certificate. Or before certificate expire, the phone will automatically request to renew the certificate? The LPE devices do not currently pick up the certificate automatically. If the TLS-DSK client certificate were to expire before being automatically renewed then you'd need to sign out and sign back in with the user account.

Basically no http traffic was able to be used on the phones. Jeff, Our CX's can no longer get calendar info from Exchange. We suspect that it is because of the new cert that was installed on the Exchange server and we know it isn't in the approved list for the phone. Is there a way to get the phones to accept it? Hey Jeff, We have a pool one of 5 that's misbehaving since no phones are getting their updates. When trying to navigate to the http and https url of the cx files, I'm greeted with a of that front end pool.

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Ive verified that the update files exist locally on the server. It looks like this is where the phone update folder structure resides. I've attempted to re-create a virtual folder but I still get permission errors even though these are the same as the other pools. Long story short, there are several inconsistencies in IIS including url rewrites and maybe others in this pool for an unknown reason. Server hardware, OS, system updates and Lync updates are all consistent across the board.

Where do i even start other than burning it down and rebuilding this pool after migrating users to a backup of-course? Thanks, Vitaliy. I've never seen that before so I would recommend contacting Microsoft support to see if they can help you recreate the missing folder structure or if that is actually evidence of a bad pool which may need to be replaced altogether. Greetings, Jeff! However, the recalcitrant continually fails to download the internal Root CA certificate.

With the sip logging turned up to debug, it appears that the phone is not getting the 43 options from the DHCP server. The log entry. Then the phone methodically trys to register with each of the seven IP addresses that are returned. After the first attempt fails due to the untrusted certificate, the phone attempts to download the server root certificate, but fails:. What's the correct number formatting, dial plan rules, trunk rules, etc.

Lync Phone Edition has the same behavior as the desktop client so you do not need to create different dial plan rules for them. I have a backup registrar in Lync and using Polycom CX phones and when I failover they dont all reconnect properly to the backup registrar.

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Do you think i need to increase the hotdesking timeout? I am on lync CU3.

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Hi Jeff, I just purchased a bunch of new Polycom CXs for actual deployment, and the firmware shipped was. For some reason, I cannot get any of these devices to connect, yet I have a few others that were initially deployed and do not have any issues with them. There were definitely some issues as a result of the GlobalSign root expiration earlier this year, but I had fixed the issue by making a registry change on the FE servers themselves. When attempting through DHCP, it does not seem to be presenting the Device Client type, so the DHCP options required are never sent and when trying to login, the phone says that the account does not exist.

Is there any way to get the firmware updated accordingly to the latest in the current environment, or will I need to setup something special to do this? Paul, you may need to use a staging environment with a simple Windows Enterprise CA to get the phones upgraded to a more recent version,. Thanks Jeff!

We ended up setting that up, but installing our GlobalSign SHA1 certs into the domain to mimic our production environment as best as possible. Thanks to your most recent blog, we were able to get all 50 remaining phones up and running for deployment. Anyways, lab was much better as I could do 3 times as many phones, and completed the 50 in a 10th of the time it took me to do the other Hi Jeff, Long time lurker first time poster..

Your Blog and Channel 9 have really helped me along the Lync journey. However I can find little to know information on Lync Microsoft points out the above configuration is unsupported. However the CX never moves from the "plug me in" screen and the remote Lync Full client still displays "Lync cannot connect to your desk phone because the USB cable is not plugged in. Make sure that you connect the cable" in configuration information. Thanks Jeff..

Straight away it found the LPE device and initiated Better Together pairing showing theirs nothing wrong with our USB redirection policy or the old client handing better together. Just for anyone looking this up. As usual, make sure you are running the latest firmware.

Jeff, great article. I was wondering if you would be willing to update this article for ? Has anything changed? We have have HP phones which do not have USB tethering capability and updated to latest firmware Even the missed call notification is not being sent via Email to the userafter updating to this LPE version. Why after having the latest LPE Hi Moe, Were you able to resolve the issue? I have same symptoms. Users with HP are not receiving missed call notification. We were missing the DHCP opt 43 sub-options , but had Those have been added with no luck. Oddly enough, MWI works, but call logs, calendar, and visual voicemail fail to render.

Autodiscover SRV record is configured for on-premise hybrid mode config. Hoping to see if you, or anybody else has any suggestions to help. If your PSS case has been resolved since posting this question feel free to add the resolution here. Hi Jeff Big thank you for your blog. Even with MS working on it, a single line around the root CA for phone edition only coming from lync server fixed my problem sort off. Once you do this, the certificate will download as normal — after which you will be able to login using the client as well.

That should not be the case, but the certificate can be downloaded differently between those 2 authentication methods so it seems there is some difference in the configuration related to the CA chain of trust. When I use domain. Supplying the DNS domain name in the NetBIOS format is a long-known workaround and you cannot program the phones to prepopulate the user name in that format. It must be entered manually in that way. Also I just noticed my boss has his local pc name come up as default in the user name field rather than the domain.

The issue is : On the first pairing-process the user provides the credentials in the correct form: user contoso.

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What I understood here it is not possible to prepopulate. And that we cannot prepopulate with an UPN logon? We have VVX phones on a hosted Lync We will watch as the phone randomly log out, then back in resetting the status. Make sure you are running the latest 5. Do not use the recent 5. Please check your network connection or contact your support team. I manage to solve it. Please verify your sign-in address, domainWuser name, and password, and try again. Have you come across this issue before, and know what causes it? Hi Jeff. Most are deployed at various WAN connected branches. No closer to a resolution after quite a few weeks of digging.

Firmware date for the CX is about April this year. Thanks for any advice. One example was a nightly backup routine on the Lync FE that was stalling the Front End service for a very short period. It seems that Lync Phone Edition devices are more susceptible to this brief outage than the soft clients. Damien, experiencing the same behavior in our environment. Have you been able to trace this down to an exact cause? This seems to have started in October Phones have the latest firmware.

I have a temporary office that only has Internet access and need to give them a common area phone. Also tried it with a CX with the same result. They have the latest firmware, 4. User activated phones work fine. We are currently using Lync with Polycom CX phones. I have to constantly hard reset phones to get it logged in. This appears to be happening with users that work at different locations. They log into their phone in their remote office and then when they come to corporate they log in again to another phone.

Could this be causing this issue? Is there a way to have it log off the other phone when logging in the new one? Seems like it is only happening to people going back and forth between offices. Michael, if users are physically moving these phones between external networks Edge-registered and internal networks Front End-registered then this is not really a supported use-case. The phones, once registered will never attempt to re-download a new root certificate chain so if the registration server changes to one that uses a server certificate issued from a different CA chain then the registration will fail.

Resetting the devices clears the cached certificates and resolves this issue. I just wanted to know has Microsoft put out a patch or fix for this integration issue? Craig, Microsoft is not addressing this in Lync Phone Edition at this point. The newer Modern Authentication protocol which is coming to Skype for Business will help with issues like this, but not on the older LPE devices as their firmware will not be updated for this new authentication methods. Only newer clients and devices will receive support for this new approach.

Can you identify the authentication protocols that would specifically address this? I am reading up on them, but none specifically point-out this bug as being specifically handled or how to configure authentication to handle it. Thanks for a such an informative article, I wanted to see if you could help me with vvx series phone sign-in issue, I have the resource forest deployment and the users are in account forest try to signi-n to device gets ssl error 5, but they sigin using pin. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jeff, Thanks for such an informative article! When I go to get firmware updates for them the only one offered is the latest firmware version which only shows CX Rev-6 firmware when added to the SFB front end server. Any tips on where I might find an older firmware version that may also include updates for Rev-5 phones? The CAB files are all inclusive and should apply to all Revs. I have not heard of this before, but maybe that CU has changes that only apply to the newer hardware revisions. Excellent article, thank you. Currently I am getting an issue where I try to run the test-csphone bootstrap command and get the following error: Getting web ticket for the given user is failed.

Error Code: , Error Reason: The AppliesTo element of web ticket request points to a different web server or site. I recall that command failing often in scenarios where the actual functionality was fine. Might just be a problem that was never fixed with the Test cmdlet. LG , Lync, Phone Edition, […]. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Follow jdscher. Home About. Posts Comments. March 19, at am. March 20, at am. May 17, at pm. May 11, at pm.

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What information do I need to include?

May 14, at am. MrMiller says:. June 7, at pm. June 13, at pm. Fuz says:. July 9, at am. Erwin says:. July 25, at am. July 27, at am. July 28, at am. April 29, at am. May 7, at am. Jim says:. July 25, at pm. July 30, at pm. Renee says:. September 12, at pm. Mike says:. September 24, at pm. September 25, at am. Kyle Kennedy says:. January 30, at pm. February 6, at am. February 9, at am.

Scott Harris says:. February 8, at pm. Recommended Devices. Skype for Business - Phone Service. How do I reset this? In the Skype for Business window, click on the dropdown menu directly under your name and choose "Reset Status. I have a meeting on my calendar but my presence isn't being updated to show that I am in a meeting. Please see our Knowledge Base article for the things to check regarding the meeting entry on your calendar.

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I am the presenter and cannot start an online meeting by dialing in from a traditional phone. It is asking me for my PIN. This is a known issue. Due to limitations with the current features rolled out, user PINs cannot be assigned at this time. As meeting host, you can start the Skype for Business meeting with the Skype for Business client before attendees call into the phone bridge.

I schedule on behalf of someone else. Our process is that all meeting requests come to me, and I create a duplicate event on their calendar. So, I look like I'm busy, but am really available. What should I do? See our Knowledge Base article for detailed instructions.

When on wireless, I experience poor call quality. Using Skype for Business via a wired connection is recommended for the best results and reliability. Wireless should be sufficient for most Skype for Business uses, given the appropriate signal strength and capacity. Cancelling bypassess and Lync works, just happens upon Lync Logon. OneDrive was giving me the same error Then Lync started up with no difficulties. The primary symptom is that the applicaiton launches fine, but, as soon as I type my password and click on Sign In, the button sort of greys out and the application and entire system grind to a halt.

And so on. It may well be there's something in the Keychain causing this but I've looked at the advice in this thread and it's not provided any clues. It's just peculiar that it's this one system, and not both. I realize this doesn't solve the problem and is more of a workaround, but the Skype for Business preview works great. I had the same issues and finally got it resolved. I had valid certs on my local machine but removing them and importing new ones from my Lync server resolved the issue. Lync was working with no issue proir to updating to Double click each cert to import them, import as login and system certs.

Be sure to open each cert afterwards and select "always trust" in the top dropdown menu. Input your password to confirm changes. My proble were fixed when i checked my certificates.

lync for mac keeps disconnecting Lync for mac keeps disconnecting
lync for mac keeps disconnecting Lync for mac keeps disconnecting
lync for mac keeps disconnecting Lync for mac keeps disconnecting
lync for mac keeps disconnecting Lync for mac keeps disconnecting
lync for mac keeps disconnecting Lync for mac keeps disconnecting
lync for mac keeps disconnecting Lync for mac keeps disconnecting

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